100 m3 mobile concrete batching plant is ideal for businesses needing ready-mixed concrete. These work machines, which produce an average of 100 m3 ready-mixed concrete per hour, can be used with different mixer heads when higher performance is required or when different types of concrete are required. Mobile concrete batching plant, specially designed by our company’s experienced engineers according to customer requests and CE standards, can be supported with a computerized control system to achieve higher performance.

These work machines, which can be used for many years without deterioration even in the worst natural conditions and climatic conditions, are among our easiest transported products thanks to their ability to be towed with a single truck. You can always get support from our company for after-sales installation, maintenance, repair and spare parts services of these ready-mixed concrete producers, which companies with mobile working areas can use efficiently. You can call our company for quality and durable mobile concrete plants required to provide uninterrupted service, and get detailed information about prices and different advantages.

Model Mobile 100
Production Capacity 100 m3
Mixer Capacity Twinshaft Mixer 2 m3
Agrega Bunker 4×17 m3
AGREGA Way of Feeding Ramp/Ground Feeding
Transfer Band 6250 Kg
Cement Weighing 1300 Kg
Additive Weighing 40 Kg
Water Weighing 750 Lt
Cement Silo Optional
Cement Spiral Optional
Total Weight 27.550
Total Motor Power 105 kW