Concrete Plant

Concrete plants are facilities that stock the materials used in concrete formation, mix them according to their quantity and produce ready-mixed concrete. System programmed with electronic circuits; It works with mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Concrete plant basically consists of the following components: Automation system, aggregate bunker-belt and bucket, mixer feeding belt, cement silos, cement screw, concrete mixer. There are types of facilities that serve different purposes such as Stationary Concrete Batching Plant, Mobile Concrete Plant, and Compact Concrete Plant.

Stationary concrete batching plants are generally preferred for use for many years or for use in large projects. Mobile concrete batching plants, on the other hand, stand out as they can be transported to different areas due to their transportation advantage. Compact systems are ideal for remote location projects that increase transportation costs.

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Concrete Plants

Crushing and screening systems are manufactured in two different types, fixed and mobile. Fixed crushers are facilities that serve in the area where they are installed and do not have portable features. Mobile crushers, on the other hand, are mobile and are facilities that can be processed in different areas.

These systems; mines, road construction works, natural gas-water etc. infrastructure works, construction and excavation areas, hydroelectric power plants, railway-metro projects have a wide range of uses.

The mechanisms that make up the crusher facilities can be summarized as: feeder bunker, jaw crusher, tertiary crusher, vibrating screens, impact crusher. These crusher types are not included in every facility and are determined according to the type of stone or the work to be produced by the facility to be used.