Stationary 100 Twin concrete batching plant is ideal for meeting the ready-mixed concrete needs of medium and low budget businesses. Our products, designed by our company in European standards, have the highest performance. Our work machines, which can adapt to harsh climatic and natural conditions for years without being damaged, are produced using completely environmentally friendly materials during the production phase. Stationary concrete batching plants, whose capacities can be increased according to the needs of the business, enable companies to save time and money. Stationary 100 Twin concrete batching plants, which are among the first choices of businesses with their easy maintenance and repair features, can be easily used in all businesses that need ready-mixed concrete.

In addition, they save time and turn them into profit by ensuring the correct use of business resources.

Stationary 100 Twin Concrete Batching Plants have been developed in accordance with international standards to operate under severe operating and climatic conditions. In this way, they are able to offer an uninterrupted production solution by working 24/7 without compromising production quality. Thanks to its extremely easy and practical installation for businesses in every region of the world; The Stationary 100 Twin Concrete Batching Plant facilitates the monitoring and control of the production process with its fully automatic automation system, operator management, and eliminates possible usage and production errors. Thus; While saving the time and costs required for maintenance and production, they also offer uninterrupted and fast production in areas of uninterrupted need.

Your job will never be interrupted with the high performance and durable Stationary 100 Twin Concrete Batching Plant!

Model Stationary 100 Twin
Production Capacity 90 m3
Mixer Capacity Pan Mixer 2 m3
Agrega Bunker 4×15 m3
Agrega Way of Feeding Ramp/Ground Feeding
Agrega Way of Carry Bucket Band
Cement Weighing 120 Kg
Additive Weighing 600 Kg
Water Weighing 400 Lt
Cement Silo Optional
Cement Spiral Optional
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