The 120 m3 mobile concrete batching plant is ideal for mobile ready-mixed concrete works that do not require high efficiency. These products, which normally produce an average of 120 m3 of ready-mixed concrete per hour, can be provided to produce ready-mixed concrete in different structures by attaching 4 mixer heads with different features to customer requests.

Our work machines designed in accordance with European Union standards and healthy environmental conditions ensure efficiency at the highest capacity. Thanks to all the equipment collected on a single chassis, mobile concrete batching plants, which can be easily transported to another desired working area with only a truck, are ready for use in only 1 day during the initial installation phase. You can call us for detailed information about 120 m3 mobile concrete plant prices and product features, which are effective in saving time, cost and labor, and you can make the right decision by contacting our company.

120 m3 Mobile Concrete Batching Plants have been presented to concrete producers as a result of our company’s extensive innovation studies and high production technology, and provide concrete producers with the following advantages:
1- Transportation Advantage (All Mobile Concrete Batching Plants Can Be Shipped With A Single Truck Tractor. It is unique in the world with this feature.)
2- Needing Less Installation Space Due To Its Special Design
3- Possibility of Installation and Commissioning in a Very Short Time (1 day)
4- Low Foundation Cost
5- Very Precise Production Capability (with Fully Automatic Computer Control System) and High Quality Concrete Production Opportunity
6- Reliable Equipment (Siemens, Özbekoğlu, Continantal, WAM, Farbo, Lincoln etc.)
7- Compliance with CE (European) Standards
8- Easy Maintenance and Low Operating Costs

Model Mobile 120 Twin
Production Capacity 120 m3
Mixer Capacity Twinshaft Mixer 3 m3
Agrega Bunker 4×20 m3
AGREGA Way of Feeding Ramp/Ground Feeding
Transfer Band 6600 Kg
Cement Weighing 1600 Kg
Additive Weighing 50 Kg
Water Weighing 900 Lt
Cement Silo Optional
Cement Spiral Optional
Total Weight 31.460
Total Motor Power 145 kW
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